It has been awhile since I have said anything about fracking, but today I saw that CNN ran a story regarding an anti-fracking protest in Philadelphia. Ironically there was no coverage of a much larger protest taking place in New York City regarding economic problems.

I to say the least I was unimpressed with CNN on the number of links provided to sites that do not provide any valid information, and lack of sites that provides facts regarding fracking. The comment section was somewhat entertaining to read. It was nice to see that there is a handful of people with some common sense. However, people with commonsense were vastly out numbered.

One short rant.
Silly Statements:
No job is worth a persons life. Oil jobs are not safe.
-True but all industrial jobs have a fairly high danger level. Even clean energy jobs can be and are dangerous. A few years back, I worked at a windmill blade factory, and we had close calls weekly.  Shortly after I stopped working there a man was crushed to death.

I’m not going to waste any more of my time on the topic right now because I think the debate is basically over. As long as the economy is doing poorly people are going to be more open minded to domestic energy development.

I lied, one more little rant. I saw one comment pointing out that they were angry that we(the us) was exporting natural gas and not using it domesticity.
– Really? Selling outside of the country will have a positive impact for our economy. When our country was at its strongest, we exported nearly everything.  Today we import almost everything, and we are currently seeing the effects of where that gets us.